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Tolo SteamTec

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Tolo SteamTec

* Wifi control device: iPhone /iPad / iTouch App control, search “Steamtec Sauna”

*Auto descaling pump: Choose descaling time under “4~8H”, once the steam generator is off, the solution will be pumped automatically into a water tank for soaking. When the setting time reaches, steam generator will start to drain, flushing, and then power off.It’s perfect for commercial use as you only need to make descaling setting one time, and the machine will repeat descaling every day.

*Commercial mode-fast steam: If you switch to commercial mode, water will be kept at 85℃, and steam will come out in 30 seconds after user press button, 30 mins a cycle, really energy saving especially for commercial use.

*Salt spray therapy: The generator is able to atomize salt water or medicament into tiny particulates, and mix in the air for breathing and absorbed by the skin.

*Auto aroma pump: It has temperature switch on the steam pipe, when the temperature higher than 85℃, aroma oil will be pumped into steam pipe automatically then steam will bring fragrance to everywhere of the steam room, two bottles for two smells, and perfect to use in the spa, club center.

*Service hole: There’s an after -service hole on the top of the steam generator, also can be used as another steam outlet.

*Over-heat protection: When the room temperature reaches 2°C higher than your setting, then all heating elements stop working, steam generator under heat preservation state, if water tank temperature over 115 °C, steam generator go into protection state,  steam generator stop heating. When the temperature lower than 100°C, the steam generator starts to work again

*Low water level protection: When water under some certain level and the machine failed to re-fill in water automatically, the steam generator will go into a “sleep model” until water is be re-filled or steam generator turn-off.

*Sectional heating technology: Each generator has 3 groups of heating elements which provide sectional heating, from the first beginning, all 3 groups operates at maximum power and rapid heating, when the room temp is almost reached, then group 1 stop, when the required temps is achieved, then group 2 stop.The group 3 alternates on and off to maintain the room temp.


Tolo SteamTec

How To Choose KW For Steam Generator

1). Calculate room m³, (Length*Width*Height) in meter. (1 feet = 0.3048 meter,1 inch=0.0254 meter)

If Acrylic, steam generator KW= steam room m³
If Ceramic Tile, steam generator KW= 1.30 X steam room m³
If All Glass tile or Glass Block Walls, steam generator KW= 1.35 X steam room m³
If Porcelain tile, steam generator KW= 1.6 X steam room m³
If Natural stone tiles* up to 1/2″, steam generator KW= 2 X steam room m³
If Natural stone slabs over 1/2″ ,steam generator KW= 2.25 X steam room m³

AIO Function Control Box

Central function control box—seperately from the steam generator. Main board and some others electron component inside it, can avoid the electron components be affected with damp.

The TOLO-AIO(all-in-one) series steam generator add many new features into the steam shower experience such as iPhone control, fast steam,auto descaling,salt spray.
Flashing color lights, or choose a color you love, add some of your favorite fragrance,and music comes, soft steam around you…
Waterproof touch buttoned, glass surfaced control display with screensaver and wake-up function,we make every detail the best.

Tolo SteamTec
Tolo SteamTec

The Functions

  • A. Colorful lights Kit — RGB LED lights
  • B. Wifi Kit — control by phone under LAN
  • C. Fan — for steam room ventilation
  • D. Aroma pump — twim pump, can add two kinds of essential oil
  • E. Descaling pump — automatic scale removing system
  • F. Fast steam switch — for commercial model use
  • G. Salt spray generator
  • H. Music system — waterproof speakers, IP66
Tolo SteamTec
Tolo SteamTec
Tolo SteamTec
Tolo SteamTec
Tolo SteamTec
Tolo SteamTec
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